A common pain for entrepreneurs is quality content creation and lead generation. It takes time, research, tools and knowledge to create content that is authentic, builds awareness, converts and sells. One of the reasons entrepreneurs struggle with content and/or inbound marketing is hazy definition of their ideal buyer personas.


HubSpot says: A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.


We believe that TARGET MARKET is the very next thing you as an entrepreneur must define after deciding upon the scope of your business. Who do you talk to? How many are they? What are their pains?



  1. Define your ideal buyer personas
  2. Visualize them clearly
  3. Understand them, so you can communicate authentically and create engaging content
  4. Create an effective inbound marketing plan around your target market and help you get quality leads

If you are a new business owner and you are in need of branding or a website that fits your personas, we can help too. We work with skilled and talented graphic designers and webdevelopers, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing work from too many different freelancers.


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Silvia served my businesses as an online marketing project manager. Her attention to detail, her willingness to dig in and find out what I needed, and her caring about my clients as we figured out who they were was so appreciated. She helped define the realistic pains and benefits to develop a clear and concise value proposition.

WELLth Movement
Stephen HobbsCEO of WELLth Movement

Silvia helped me to prepare a marketing strategy and a digital concept for my Human Resources business from the scratch. It enabled me to create a business plan for the first year of my business. The launch and the first digital steps of my company were unique to the vision and feelings how I wanted to be presented after 20 years in TOP corporate positions.


Silvia was one of the co-organizers of HoopRelief project. She was in charge of the digital marketing plan, social media channels and the crowdfunding campaign where we fundraised over 4000 USD and we sent three volutneers to play hula hoop with kids in the conflict zone.

Silvia was one of the co-organizers
Lucia KlimáčkováFounder of HoopRelief

Silvia helped me to clarify my business strategy and move it forward. Silvia helped me to define the ideal customer, main business story and the marketing plan for my design shop and she created the slogan: Unique local design.

Silvia helped me to clarify
Ivica JuskováCEO at slávica design shop

Silvia did an excellent job managing the marketing for our start-up company. By ensuring that we had very clear expectations on our business needs and expectations, and by understanding our target market, Silvia was able to successfully design marketing strategies across multiple channels.

Silvia did an excellent job
Nick Leaver CEO of Trade Partner
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